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Whal Ran Seo - Opera Moments
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DIY SEO: Save Thousands of Dollars & Optimize o...
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DIY SEO by the Dallas SEO Experts is meant for the novice who wants to save thousands of dollars in search engine optimization costs and easily execute SEO on their own, following a step-by-step guide. Get relevant traffic to your Web site and increase your business. Don´t have the budget for SEO services and want to do it yourself? Have a secretary or assistant with down time? Provide them with the DIY SEO audiobook so they can learn and implement SEO on your business´ Web site. SEO services are not cheap, especially ones that work ethically and effectively. Finding the right SEO partner is also stressful due to the saturation in the market place. How do you know who is ethical and who isn´t? Just have a look at a Fortune 500 like retailer JCPenny, a company which was severely penalized by Google due to questionable SEO strategies. What was their mistake? They made a bad decision in the firm they hired. Do the right thing and don´t get banned from Google! Save thousands of dollars, and hours of frustration, by listening to the DIY SEO audiobook. This book was recorded for the novice who wants to implement basic SEO strategies to a Web site. The book is narrated in plain and simple English, with no technical jargon. It contains practical, step-by-step methodologies and only discusses ethical, white hat strategies that are in full compliance with Google and the Internet Police. Even a nine-year-old can execute the steps in this audiobook. DIY SEO covers the following topics: What is SEO? Why should you SEO Effective keyword research Best keyword research tools to use (including freebies) Home page optimization - step by step Interlinking: link building Google Local/Places: get found locally Google Analytics: view, understand, monitor, measure, and influence your Web site traffic Sitemap generation 1. Language: English. Narrator: Michael Whalen. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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